Since inception in 2015

Baranof has been 100% self storage focused with experience in developing, acquiring, and asset managing over $1.5 billion in self storage asset value to date.

Institutionally Minded

Institutionally Minded

Baranof Holdings was founded to serve as a bridge to help deliver institutional investors outsized returns in the fragmented self-storage industry without having to sacrifice on the quality of partnership.
Relationship Driven

Relationship Driven

Long-term partnerships and repeat business – Our reputation as an honest and trustworthy partner is our most important asset.

Full service team of development and investment professionals

Information sharing between development and acquisition teams helps identify both underserved locations for new development as well as attractive markets for below replacement cost acquisitions.

With no leasing costs or tenant improvements, minimal capital expenditures, and a diverse and captive rent roll, self storage generates consistent and predictable cash flow.

Consistent <br />Cash Flow
Cash Flow

High operating margins with minimal expenses provide excellent risk adjusted returns.

High Operating <br />Margins
High Operating

Diversified rent rolls and month to month leases make self storage a top inflation hedge asset class.

Inflation <br />Protected

Self Storage has been a top real estate asset class performer in recent economic downturns including the Coronavirus Pandemic and Financial Crisis of ‘07-09.

Recession <br />Resilient

45% of the U.S. market share of self storage consists of Institutional quality assets not currently owned by a Storage REIT.

Opportunity for <br />Consolidation
Opportunity for

Consistent growth in utilization per capita and outsized demand from younger generations continue to drive industry demand.

Strong demand <br />trends beyond <br />population growth
Strong demand
trends beyond
population growth